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Permissions Because the permissions system is the biggest change in 2.x we have created a special forum for discussing items.

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Old 28-08-06, 11:07 PM
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Default Re: Can't Login - No Error

Originally Posted by ugaMack
I'm not sure how accurate that statement is. Our installation of PHP 5.1.4 had this set at 5 by default.
Well, that's what you read from Table 1. Session configuration options.
I may be getting old but I am fortunatly not blind

Eitherway, thanks for reporting the problem and solution, it is indeed appreciated.

Pedro A.

Table 1. Session configuration options
Name	Default	Changeable	Changelog
session.save_path	""	PHP_INI_ALL	"PHPSESSID"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.save_handler	"files"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.auto_start	"0"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.gc_probability	"1"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.gc_divisor	"100"	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 4.3.2.
session.gc_maxlifetime	"1440"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.serialize_handler	"php"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.cookie_lifetime	"0"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.cookie_path	"/"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.cookie_domain	""	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.cookie_secure	""	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 4.0.4.
session.cookie_httponly	""	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 5.2.0.
session.use_cookies	"1"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.use_only_cookies	"1"	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 4.3.0.
session.referer_check	""	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.entropy_file	""	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.entropy_length	"0"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.cache_limiter	"nocache"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.cache_expire	"180"	PHP_INI_ALL	 
session.use_trans_sid	"0"	PHP_INI_ALL	PHP_INI_ALL in PHP <= 4.2.3. PHP_INI_PERDIR in PHP < 5. Available since PHP 4.0.3.
session.bug_compat_42	"1"	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 4.3.0.
session.bug_compat_warn	"1"	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 4.3.0.
session.hash_function	"0"	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 5.0.0.
session.hash_bits_per_character	"4"	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 5.0.0.
url_rewriter.tags	"a=href,area=href,frame=src,form=,fieldset="	PHP_INI_ALL	Available since PHP 4.0.4.
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