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Default Re: Success: Getting dotProject to work on nginx and PHP 7.1

1. Made it possible to hide users from lists

Made tweaks and extensions to this current rule:
- You can see contacts that are (1) not private OR (2) private but you are the owner OR (3) private with no owner

Changed user dropdown on project list as well as users available for task assignment to also follow the above rule
- You can now make users private and assign them to an admin user in order to hide ex employees etc
- Users that are private and owned by a designated admin user no longer clutter dropdown lists

Since the contact owner of private contacts was previously system assigned, made the contact owner selectable on the contact page

Show private status and contact owner on user page

2. Miscellaneous bugs / issues

Fixed misspelled label tab in allocateduserhours.php
Changed commented out JS code containing PHP code to a PHP comment in projects/addedit.php. Now PHP code will not needlessly be executed and the commented out code will not be rendered.


Latest version is here (still on the develop branch until I am sure where to put all the fixes):

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