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  1. Roles, groups and privileges :-P
  2. Update Project Status (Permissions)
  3. Two v2.0 Permissions Questions
  4. Access only files from their project
  5. Permission handling
  6. Permissions - Is this possible
  7. Edit, Add and Delete Permissions
  8. Defining Roles
  9. Easy way to allow creation of 'own' tasks?
  10. Different Departments in one Database
  11. roles, permissions, and companies?
  12. stop user from deleting file.. How?
  13. Permissions - admin
  14. Setting Permissions on the Forums module
  15. role allowing user admin not working
  16. Project permissions and project owner.
  17. Permissions to allow access to specific departments
  18. Project Status
  19. Task Owner should approved completed tasks
  20. Task : Protected and participant
  21. Administrative permissions for modules
  22. rerection limit exeeded
  23. delete files-permission bug
  24. Editing Message on Forum
  25. New to DP, need some help with Permissions Please
  26. Peformance
  27. Roles and permissions
  28. permission task display
  29. Add task jobs without editing task details.
  30. field permission
  31. Permission problem
  32. Restrice Access only to One Company and Related Items
  33. Mapping information
  34. task owner
  35. day view tasks
  36. Problem Viewing Project Details
  37. Task permissions
  38. Project Not Viewable
  39. How to get permission-changes in use?
  40. how we active new users
  41. User cannot invite others to an event
  42. Limiting Edit Access to one Company's Projects
  43. cookies in dotproject
  44. Cookies
  45. Permissions on Tickets
  46. how do i set the tickets permissions
  47. Restricting viewable Tasks for a user by Project
  48. Priority Support
  49. Permission to allow non task, project, or sys admins to change dates in task
  50. Restrict User to One Project
  51. Permissions thrown after upgrade
  52. Serious security problems - URL editing
  53. Task logs viewing permissions
  54. Workflow X Permissions
  55. watch a forum (item)
  56. user type in edit user /add user option
  57. Permission problems, or ... ?
  58. setting restrictive permissions for external consultants
  59. session problems on linux
  60. File protected from non-participant...
  61. for softwerre development
  62. All events are always viewable, no restriction possible ??
  63. Permissions in New User don't work
  64. New module - delete permission
  65. Permissions over Files
  66. limiting userlist view
  67. display files to all projects?
  68. Todo - Permissions
  69. v2 sucks
  70. Permission Example page
  71. New task without edit project permission
  72. Tickets per project ?
  73. Task permission
  74. View contacts permissions
  75. about permission
  76. Forum add/edit permissions
  77. project permissions
  78. Multi company/project permission question
  79. contact permissions
  80. Public access
  81. Various permissions for users according to their work in a project.
  82. Apologies - but I am still confused
  83. Companies dropping out of User Permissions
  84. Creating PDF file from reports
  85. Permissions on the history module
  86. Confused
  87. Minimum database permissions for dotproject user
  88. Permissions Question
  89. Task Owner (restrict viewing of other users)
  90. Tasks Per User Permissions
  91. Project only permission help
  92. MyInfo/Permissions Tab Gives Too Much Info to Users
  93. THAT STUPID COOKIE ISSUE - [scary kookie enabled thing]
  94. Grant/deny access to the Project and tasks modules, but for a specefic company
  95. Ability to see only user specfic projects
  96. My Info
  97. Reports
  98. Vulnerability View Access Information
  99. Company Permissions Problem
  100. Restrict task view from user1 and user2
  101. Several inconsequences in rights management, and further bugs
  102. Different language setting for different users?
  103. Allowing only access to assigned tasks?
  104. Change inactive user to active
  105. tickets and permissions
  106. managing permissions
  107. View my Tasks from a Project
  108. File permission problem
  109. Creating a new project and the problem of the owners of the project
  110. Access filtered by project status
  111. Entering "Hours" into a project?
  112. Department permissions workoround
  113. who is the currently logged user ?
  114. Permissions for Files BASED ON projects?
  115. Project edition without rights
  116. Permission on File
  117. Permission to SEE project, but ONLY upload fils to selected projects?
  118. Central Managed Permissions
  119. Restrict user to ONLY see selected task
  120. Permissions "inheritance" ?
  121. User Administration Module Permission
  122. Full control on owned (MY) objects
  123. Files assigned to all projects not working
  124. Project Permissions
  125. permissions to modules based on role assigned
  126. Edit Task (-), Add Task Log (+) not works
  127. Upload file
  128. dotproject permissions
  129. problem with permisions
  130. Error adding user
  131. Items Permissions How To?
  132. permissions issue with contacts
  133. Need a little advice
  134. doubt regarding User privillages
  135. new module and canDelete
  136. Change default user access to items
  137. Accessing reports
  138. I am new to Dotproject. And I figured i would change some things.
  139. Company A see only company A projects
  140. Guest Permissions
  141. Permission Bug?
  142. Asks users to log in when they move pages/modules
  143. how to customer use dotproject
  144. Tring to understand Permissions in a Contractor/Client arrangement
  145. Files 'All' permissions
  146. Permission to his/her own project only
  147. Task per user
  148. Cannot delete tickets in help desk
  149. Access to specific project ONLY
  150. Forums - Questions
  151. Customers access to Forums only
  152. howto: permission and role set-up
  153. Permissions to allow access only to owned projects / Files
  154. Accesing just files
  155. Permission on forums
  156. Permission not reflected in giant chart
  157. Forums Permission Configuration - Just Can't Get there...
  158. Problems with tasks dates
  159. Project worker: how edit but NOT add projects?
  160. Permissions for logging activities for tasks in projects?
  161. Possible BIG bug regarding security
  162. all can watch task but only assigned update it
  163. Setting Permissions individual User
  164. Item permissions on Roles
  165. User List?
  166. Get Allowed...
  167. Customer/Client Logins
  168. Need help with Task and Task Log
  169. Help to setup permissions
  170. New User
  171. Permissions to create projects and full access to only those projects.?
  172. Perms precedence
  173. Problems with add roles
  174. How do I control Project Managers
  175. Upload file's error
  176. Setup User Permissions via Code
  177. Sign a user to a specific project
  178. 403 error using the "view pdf" link in the reports section
  179. Task permissions
  180. create project access only-help
  181. access to company is denied but the user still sees the projects
  182. Permissions Very Confusing - Too Many Choices
  183. problem add tasklog
  184. no permission until work
  185. User Permissions Problem
  186. Allow user to see only his tasks?
  187. Valuable Assets
  188. Employee can see other users tasks etc. What can I do?
  189. Files upload
  190. Isolating projects viewable to certain users
  191. Restricted views versus "Departments"
  192. Do i really have to access and deny each single project?
  193. Subcontractors - Can I limit them more?
  194. ???? Calendar Share
  195. Security
  196. Security Flaw
  197. Disabling the "New Forum" option
  198. system admin problem
  199. About Permission
  200. Access: Deny
  201. Access: Deny (continued.)
  202. Problems with LOGIN for Users
  203. Can't Login - No Error
  204. How to allow a user to edit his/her own 'Contact' information.
  205. Restricting access to company and contacts
  206. "Login failed" for all but default admin user
  207. User Admin & Administrator Role
  208. Integrating DotProject and Intranet
  209. Problem with tasks in lists which should not be shown
  210. Is the calendar module not using user perms?
  211. error on permission select item
  212. Deny access to user
  213. Remove task logs for clients
  214. Questions on Users, Roles, Permissions, and Modules
  215. HELP Please! file attachment access problem
  216. Permissions on Personal Projects
  217. Changing the template of the Dotproject
  218. Username is displayed
  219. Privacy of Users
  220. work on a project and only see other projects
  221. Admin Permissions
  222. Access to selected files
  223. Per Project Default Permissions
  224. Company permissions
  225. Restrict file access only to tasks to which user is assigned
  226. Link to 'view this project'
  227. permission to tasks
  228. Creating Permission Template in dotproject 2.0.4
  229. Integrating new module as News with dotproject single login
  230. order of evaluation for permissions
  231. Project reports
  232. Permissions and tasks for both internal an external users
  233. Project access or create restriction by department
  234. permission problem with multi companies
  235. How to assign a role to a new User
  236. Give Access To A Single Project
  237. Create role with specific items : problem with files
  238. Permissions not working in SmartSearch-Module
  239. Edit Tasks/task logs problem! Bug?
  240. cannot view companies
  241. setting permissions to a task
  242. calendar shows all tasks
  243. ERROR: Failed to add user permission object
  244. How to allow a user to edit his/her own 'Contact' information
  245. Adding event permission
  246. Inviting Users in 'Add Events'
  247. Project worker editing/viewing tasks
  248. Permissions - allow vs deny
  249. client uploads
  250. I am delete "adminstrator" from "user admin"