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  1. When will Release 2.0 be available
  2. What is the CVS Snapshot
  3. Is there a list of What's New / What's Fixed in 2.0
  4. How Do I setup the Postnuke Authentication in 2.x
  5. LDAP Authentication is New - how do I set it up
  6. How do I access the CVS
  7. CVS Unavailable / Returning Error Messages
  8. Permission denied in <path>files.class.php.....
  9. Public Module will not load
  10. Installer warning: Cannot drop index < >
  11. Cookie message on login page
  12. Gantt Charts Not Displaying
  13. Gantt Charts on IIS (unsupported platform)
  14. CGI Mode in PHP - causing cannot add tasks
  15. Missing Companies or Projects
  16. Unable to create Tasks - Calendar Start/End Setting
  17. Cannot Assign Human Resources to Tasks
  18. Databases created with db/dotproject.sql, then permissions issues / cannot login etc.
  20. gateway.pl reporting file repository not found
  21. New User's Cannot Login
  22. Changing Forum Email From
  23. Email Basics
  24. Priority Support
  25. Download Sites
  26. Where Do I Find......
  27. How do I reset the admin password via SQL
  28. Error 500 when using .htaccess file
  29. fix for /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/trutype/areial.ttf not found or readable
  30. Missing user details after upgrade to 2.0.4
  31. Warning: In Forum Documentation Links
  32. New FAQ listing on new doco site
  33. ERROR in calendar_tab.projects.php