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  1. How Can I Change my Date format?
  2. Making a new UI Style or Theme
  3. Adding an Extra Link to the Style Header or Footer
  4. Can I change the hours on the day view?
  5. AAA I can't find an answer to my question here - now what?
  6. Can I change the default project grouping from Not Defined
  7. Can't write to session directory
  8. Fatal Error Messages
  9. Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie
  10. Unknown column 'message_editor' in "field list" -
  11. Safe Mode Set
  12. Accessing CVS - CVS errors
  13. Accessing CVS - How Do I?
  14. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: <extra info>
  15. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
  16. Warning: mail(): SMTP server response
  17. Table 'dotproject.tasks_sum' doesn't exist
  18. FATAL ERROR: MySQL support not available.......
  19. ctask::store failed Unknown column "column name"
  20. Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect
  21. Unknown Column messages in v1.0.2
  22. What version of PHP do I need?
  23. Can I run dotProject on Apache 2?
  24. How do I upgrade from a previous version?
  25. I've logged in but my next click takes me back to the login
  26. Cannot find config.php
  27. GD Library on *nix
  28. Can I set up my database user with a script?
  29. Where Do I get the Helpdesk Module or Extra Modules?
  30. Cannot login / a valid login returns straight to login page
  31. More than one installation of dotProject on the one server
  32. I have created a new user, but they cannot login.
  33. Is the 'gateway.pl' the only way to receive emails?
  34. Can you turn off the Gantt Chart?
  35. Cannot login with the default username and password
  36. How do I create a new translation?
  37. How can I help out?
  38. How do I report problems effectively?
  39. How can I change terminology?
  40. What databases are supported?
  41. Is there a limit to the upload file size?
  42. How do I add a new task?
  43. Why are some fields / buttons always greyed out?
  44. Project shows zero percent complete
  45. Project shows zero percent complete
  46. Can I change the percent complete for a project?
  47. I created a new user but can't log them in
  48. The permissions system isn't what I want
  49. My contacts aren't actually private
  50. How do I know which release I'm using?
  51. How Does the Task Sorting work?
  52. Ticketsmith / Companies / Projects interaction
  53. "&dotproject=(long random string of characters)&quo
  54. How do I get the dotProject login page to remember me?
  55. Pop-up cal works for tasks but not projects
  56. Cannot change passwods / no longer recognising passwords
  57. History Module - what is it?
  58. Click on the calendar icon - I'm just getting a blank page
  59. Auto logged out of dotProject even if timer is running
  60. Where is the demonstration site?
  61. Why Can't I login to the demo site?
  62. Where do I get dotProject from?
  63. What is the current release level?
  64. Uploading Files errors
  65. Unable to upload files on IIS system.
  66. What type of file formats could be imported to dotProject?
  67. Problems with file sizes and/or "document contains no d
  68. Gantt Chart not displaying
  69. Date format in the Gantt chart reflect my personal pref.
  70. All task logs have a time of 12.00am set - can I change it?
  71. Calendar Events seem to be duplicated in display
  72. Warning: mkdir....Permission denied <>files.class.php
  73. Task Permissions and Logging
  74. Basic Troubleshooting
  75. dotproject on MacOS X
  76. Email - how does it work
  77. importing mozilla address book
  78. How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
  79. Number of projects being limited in project display
  80. Changing User Password without having to know previous one