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  1. Pagination not working in Files Module
  2. Timestamp on Task Logs
  3. Patch to give helpdesk integration into projects
  4. Fixing a bug in project->user performance report
  5. Patches for timecard and helpdesk are now available
  6. Patch to correctly calculate project %
  7. Files list wasn't displaying pages properly
  8. Projects Listing Modification
  9. patches for Gantt week display issue bugs: 912728, 931987
  10. Advanced helpdesk features
  11. Fix for tasks to correctly show parent with child
  12. Patch for updated timecard
  13. Patch for updated timecard-new features -permission/dup. fix
  14. Patch for updated helpdesk
  15. Fix for dynamic task % complete and my tasks display
  16. Extension to tabs to allow fixes in various projects
  17. Do nightly builds exist?
  18. View user todo list patch
  19. Patch for notes module
  20. auto direct Add user to permission setup
  21. Patch to hide the public module
  22. adodb abstraction
  23. File Categories with Tabs in the Files module
  24. Collapseable Task list and others...
  25. Thank you for the assistance
  26. gateway.perl
  27. Automatic email task-reminder script
  28. Ticketsmith custom security
  29. PostNuke/dotProject integration
  30. New patch work beginning
  31. PopupCalendar patch
  32. DPv2.0_invoice2.0alpha2
  33. dP2: sort users by last name patch
  34. dp2: Tasks Organize table head colors patch
  35. date for bugfix release 2.0.1 ??
  36. DP2.0_invoice2.0alpha2_P1.1
  37. AppUI->getState() patch for form fields
  38. date for new patch?
  39. Timesheet module
  40. RSS projects information
  41. Error at line 108 contacts.class.php
  42. Small "patch" for ae_desc.php
  43. updated german translation compliant to 2.0.2
  44. add title to dialog boxes; add 'date' type for custom fields
  45. final (?) solution to longlasting "locale vs. jpgraph" prob.
  46. oracle / multi-db support
  47. Simple Timecard fixes
  48. File Icons
  49. Percent Bar Gradient
  50. Seamless integration of DP into Active Directory
  51. Warning: In Forum Documentation Links
  52. New task log reports for those wanting
  53. Minor patch for the "ticketsmith" module
  54. Fix for issue at forum module->edit post
  55. Translation of Task Types combo
  56. contributions regarding the data model
  57. iGantt division by zero solution
  58. Forum Patch for New Functions and Bugfixes
  59. Task to calendar
  60. Risk module problem
  61. Gantt Chart - Show only current tasks in selected period