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  1. Welcome to our new Support Forums
  2. Where Do I find the FAQ
  3. How to change hierarchy?
  4. How to change companies to divisions?
  5. Changing Display Data inside DOTPROJECT
  6. Added rows to tasks.php
  7. Help. Showing assigned users to a project
  8. weekends calculated into durations
  9. Problems importing vcards
  10. Task filter
  11. Mail
  12. Problems with importing files
  13. How to change permissions?
  14. Pages without BG/menu
  15. Projects missing from Project list
  16. help with modifications
  17. dPconfig array problem
  18. "Complete Projects" are not moved into "Compl
  19. Customize the login page for Public Page
  20. Change item "Companies"
  21. Bigger gantt charts
  22. How can I stop timing out every few minutes?
  23. order of tabs in companies
  24. Customize Budget Format
  25. suppress headers on pop-ups
  26. How to change text on tabs and row below
  27. fopen(), fwrite(), fclose() errors for PDF
  28. Is it possible to add a project priority level ?
  29. adding more options to the status of a task
  30. File Uplaods: Set Time Limit error when in safe mode
  31. More Themes? None on dotmods sourceforge project.
  32. Leagl effects of mixing dotproject with GPLE'D mods
  33. integrating a CM tool with dotProject
  34. Auto Login
  35. Email and tasks
  36. Adding new field to tasks?
  37. Tickets Permissions issue
  38. Permissions
  39. Sorry about asking q's that were already in the FAQ
  40. Files
  41. Projects / Companies
  42. applying patches
  43. how do you specify TaskCustomFields ???
  44. Patch Help
  45. import tasks ?
  46. combining html form fields ???
  47. automatic begin date for a new dependent task
  48. mysql db prefix
  49. HOw to make all info private?
  50. added module, erasing module's records related to company_id
  51. New Module Basics
  52. Task filter in View Project screen
  53. Want to add other fields to the default company page.
  54. Your oppinions...
  55. MS Project import?
  56. Import Data form MySql to Access
  57. Viewing . DWF Files in IE & DotProject
  58. Using "Mail self on New Task" patch but it breaks
  59. Recreate MySQL table
  60. setting up email
  61. Email and Lotus Notes: Sendmail_from
  62. Currency format change
  63. db abstraction
  64. Set Colors for Projects
  65. Watching Users TO DO List
  66. View user task patch
  67. ChangeLog
  68. Custom Contact
  69. Ticketsmith - view tic # in list view and in search
  70. to add tasks drop down in files
  71. Color of Status of Tasks
  72. Postfix + Ticketsmith - Howto Please? (e-mail)
  73. Generating reports
  74. PostgreSQL instead of MySQL
  75. permissions linked to user_type
  76. user preferences
  77. task links in calendar
  78. TimeCard module formating
  79. Modifying CEvent
  80. Tasks: Moving/Importing a "Task" to an existing Pr
  81. Changing the support@domain.com address
  82. "Remember my password" module?
  83. Navigation Menu
  84. Access to multiple databases
  85. Skin Specification
  86. Adding custom fields to projects
  87. Linking Inventory and User Modules
  88. Image Problem
  89. None login raising Tickets
  90. Pseudo-language packs
  91. show task assignee on task list page
  92. Tab display for Files
  93. Automatically Create New User
  94. Attaching tickets to a company?
  95. Creating lookup values packs
  96. Uploading Personal Calendar to dotproject Calendar?
  97. attaching tasks to multiple or all companies?
  98. Accepting patches?
  99. displaying tasks by task owner?
  100. Limited amount of text in the tickets...
  101. how to add columns to tasks list under Tasks and Projects
  102. Customization question
  103. File upload error
  104. modifications for user-oriented management
  105. Change the Default Tab?
  106. Renaming Window Titles--Calendar-Projects-Using Module Names
  107. Missing tasks from todo list
  108. Change height of table rows for Drop Down boxes
  109. How to change sort defaults in tasks?
  110. how to access sysvals 'value'
  111. Contacts & User permission
  112. MY HTML TAGS!!
  113. Changing Date
  114. Can this "Mail2Forum" addon be used with dotprojec
  115. Integrated authentication with Windows Active Directory
  116. Import task from another project
  117. Change the amount of work hours in a year
  118. How to change Companies to Organizations?!
  119. Autologin for new cvs
  120. User Registration
  121. Am I crazy???
  122. New Skin
  123. Help in Portugurese
  124. PDF make by Linux mandrake can not be view by windows
  125. A search function
  126. Tasks question
  127. how i can change the color links in the heder menu
  128. extra fields causing errors
  129. Modifying gantt charts...
  130. Simple mod for infinitely more useful permissions.
  131. Displaying image for task
  132. Modify Gantt chart to display assigned users name.
  133. Restrict user access to other users
  134. Change Task Priority
  135. Calendar items viewed by only one company
  136. 2 Question, please help
  137. Changing Companies Tabs
  138. Problem:Can't pull records on linux, but can from Windows2K
  139. Changing URL
  140. How do I set up email reminders for calendar events?
  141. How to give a user a "private" company?
  142. Recurring tasks
  143. Week days in languages
  144. Creating custom reports
  145. Can i change the domain of the e-mail !?
  146. A way to delete a single forum topic?
  147. Editing attached files from the task view
  148. Change the "User Type" for users?
  149. Adjust the timezone
  150. Calendar error messages
  151. Extension of view.php in tasks module
  152. What about a table driven user_types?
  153. How to remove functionality for attach file
  154. User permissions - how to approach this problem???
  155. importing task help
  156. Login View Permissions
  157. customization tasks & updating
  158. Can I customize the information stored for users
  159. Modify Status to view all status except closed
  160. Small dynamic task fixes
  161. Duplication across two locations....
  162. How to - Import from Access database
  163. How many columns is too many??
  164. Structure
  165. Permissions
  166. Task Changes Notifications
  167. splitting the mySQL database
  168. Deleting a Department
  169. True Group Calendar?
  170. Helpdesk Module Add'l Status
  171. Client approval?
  172. Mailing lists
  173. Inactivate a child of a Dynamic task
  174. Error message : Could not open locales file to save.
  175. Showing complete items in calendar view
  176. Viewing inactive tasks in view.php (when viewing child tasks
  177. Owner filter
  178. Custom HELPDESK module reports
  179. How to create projects w/o having update access to all ?
  180. Customer Entry of Help Desk Items
  181. Position of 'new task' button
  182. Projects message!!
  183. dotproject load question -
  184. Switching servers, howto move DB....
  185. Gantt charts display dates as "27/10" instead of &
  186. Home page with summary of latest updates since last login
  187. how do i make stickies
  188. more of a mySQL question...
  189. Customize Ticket or Task
  190. Import of Microsoft Project 2000 Gaant Chart
  191. Durration to Hours Worked
  192. Tasklog time stamp 12:00am
  193. Self Registration
  194. Looking to allow site members access to dotProject...
  195. How to link Contacts and Companies to Projects
  196. possible cookie saving
  197. Customizing web form
  198. Custom file list in footer of ONE page ?
  199. Adding NewTask button to the Today view
  200. PDF Report - Task Log, All Projects - simple fix
  201. User Validity
  202. Bringing back A:active for links
  203. Calendar Days vs Project Days
  204. Project Tab Counter
  205. Problems with PopUps(change color, help, calendar...) HELP!
  206. Time tracking and budget permissions
  207. popCalendar modification
  208. newbie question
  209. new event types - how to add icon
  210. Customizing email task notification
  211. Total number of hours logged for each project.
  212. Add keywords for Compagnies
  213. Permissions to view budget etc
  214. I got a blank page after login.
  215. custom authentication
  216. avoid preferences
  217. Showing completed tasks in calender - a bit Urgent!!
  218. Task reminder by cron : Cannot connect to Mysql database
  219. Prevent users viewing task for all companies
  220. Projects (stop user chaing project state)
  221. Attachments in Tickets
  222. extend width of task description in gant
  223. On tasks view, show "Assigned to" instead of "
  224. main layout file.
  225. Cahnge the colour of the TABS
  226. Perms based on each company
  227. Enlarging size of Short Name
  228. Help, default user preferences ??
  229. Changing "Company" to "Facility"
  230. looking for dotproject styles download
  231. Sorting Reports by User Name?
  232. How to change the files upload path
  233. Consolidate logins for dP, tikiWiki, and webmail
  234. Timesheet Mod help needed.
  235. Increasing session timeout logout
  236. Assigning Multiple Companies to a Project
  237. Cannot Set User Preferences
  238. Cascading Start Date
  239. Icons
  240. Copying tasks form one prject to another
  241. addedit.php - addressing an inconsistancy in new file upload
  242. users with own font colors
  243. Changing the "contacts" menu text
  244. Removing no start date text from Gantt Chart
  245. lookking for extra reports
  246. No Gwerman umlaut in gant diagram
  247. delete only if owner or admin
  248. How not calculate holidays and weekends for tasks
  249. how 2 add dotteed lines between tasks.
  250. Changing display of tasks in Calendar Module